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This is the way to the web site of The Marriage Course in Australia
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The Marriage Preparation Course

Dennis & Ann host the Marriage Preparation Course in Pymble. The course is run over three Saturday mornings. The total cost is $130 per couple and includes catering.

Each morning will start at 9.00am and will finish at approx 1.00pm. A light late brekkie will be served mid morning between the sessions.

1st Saturday
    Completion of Foccus Inventories
    Session 1 ~ Communication
2nd Saturday
    Session 2 ~ Looking at Commitment, Why marriage?, the marriage covennant, spending time together, changing loyalties
    Session 3 ~ Resolving Conflict, Looking for solutions, organising finance, forgiveness
3rd Saturday
    Session 4 ~ Keeping Love alive, having fun together, discovering each others needs, building physical togetherness
    Session 5 ~ Shared Goals & Values, the purposes of marriage, creating an equal partnership, roles responsibilities


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