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Marriage is potentially one of the most intimate relationships we may have. It can be intimate physically, mentally and emotionally. In Australia we usually start our marriage because we are in love….attracted to one another physically, mentally and emotionally. From this point, there is always change. It is possible that both parties may selflessly pursue the giving and receiving of intimacy and this will see the marriage be enriched and grow in love and blessing. This perfection is seldom experienced. There are usually things that mar, disrupt and spoil the beauty of a loving marriage; such as worry, jealousy, focus on material possessions, selfishness, addictions, pride and lust to name just a few. Marriage sometimes deteriorates into a resigned acceptance of mediocrity at best and a sea of hate at worst. But it needn’t be so…….

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What others say


  • "...has provided lots of food for thought & made me realise the more time I invest in my marriage the better it will be"
  • "The Course helped us to talk about issues that we knew were there but didn't find it easy to talk about'
  • "I learnt valuable things each week, but loved the relaxing atmosphere & the shared meal together"
  • "The Marriage Course provided us with the time, opportunity and encouragement to focus on different aspects of our marriage. It helped to draw my attention to and be thankful for the many wonderful positives in our relationship. It gently raised issues which would otherwise have remained unraised and gave us help with the communication skills needed to address these areas. The overall effect was extremely positive and our marriage is stronger and more resilient as a result."
  • "I was quite apprehensive about the course and went along to ‘do the right thing’. ………. Once we got into the swing of things I found it a really good process. We focused on different areas each session starting with the easy ones. "