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Equipping to succeed

Stage 3

In the Race, the drivers wear special clothing, special all-in-ones that protect them from fire particularly; this clothing protects their

  • heads
  • bodies
  • vitals
  • arms and
  • legs

Racing car drivers are prone to accidents that can cause burns as well as other injuries. No driver can race without wearing this special clothing not under their racing suits and therefore not seen. They know the dangers and cloth themselves to minimise it.

Broken marriages burn. In marriage there is also special clothing that protects

  • our thoughts
  • hearts
  • sexuality
  • what we do and
  • where we go

That clothing has 3 parts, thankfulness, forgiveness and respect. If we constantly choose to put on thankfulness, forgiveness and respect as our underwear, then
our thoughts will be pure towards our spouse, explain pure; our hearts will be kept warm and soft, our sexuality will be protected from the enticements all around us; what we do will be marked by integrity and where we go will be safe.

Thankfulness, forgiveness and respect are choices of behaviour and attitude, choices of will often, but having made them and choosing to put them on daily will make our marriages an example to our friends and family and will be so fulfilling for us. In fact our marriages will be successful, with both partners fulfilled spiritually, mentally and physically.
Third piece of equipment:



So the equipment needed to have a successful marriage are:

1. The expectation of not failing.
2. The presence of the third entity, God.
3. Wearing the right underwear.

Tonight do you have all the necessary equipment for a successful marriage?

Next time you either watch the Bathurst 1000 or see an advertisement for it pause and consider, do you have the right equipment?

Remember that a 3 part cord cannot be easily broken and if you put in place these 3 pieces of equipment, your marriage will, I believe, be successful.

Talk given by Ps. Annette Parr from Christian City Church Carlingford at the Lifemates Dinner on 25th May 2004

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